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All website designs are done using the Macromedia collection of web authoring tools, including Dreamweaver®, Fireworks® and Flash®.

Of course websites range in price depending on the extent of the site (number of pages) and extent of design (is there flash?). Here is a breakdown of how I come up with pricing.

Title Page: $200 |:::| $400 if containing Flash Splash Screen
Secondary Pages: $50 per page |:::| included: roll-over images, CSS style sheets, meta tags, search engine submission
Other Features: $50 per feature |:::| features include : Message Board, Perl Mailto Form, Guestbook, E-commerce setup, additional Flash animation/navigation

The average design company here in Jacksonville (it's more if your not from the south) charges about $1200 for a basic website package which contains 10 pages. The same site would only cost you $650 with me, and since I charge by the page instead of in block packages like most places, your only charged for what you use. Many online companies are offering template website design for around the same price as my custom design, which would you prefer?



Print Design is charged hourly for design and per scan for scanning. Clients are encouraged to provide as much of their art in digital format as possible and all text prepared ahead of time. Acceptable text formats are Microsoft Word (.doc) and Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Hourly Rate: $30 per hour |:::| most shops charge $50-$60 and I am notorious for undercharging
Scanning: $5 per scan
Photography: $50 per hour + film and development costs |:::| I have a 4-year degree in Photojournalism

To give you an idea of hourly rates, I estimate that I spent about three (3) hours designing Basics to a Worldclass Golfswing (a video cover), as seen on my portfolio page.


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